High Blood Pressure Reading Chart

Health statistics compiled by governmental health sources show that millions of people suffer with a heart disease problem. This health problem affects millions. This is a problem that is diagnosed often when the person that is suffering with the problem visits their friendly doctor at their doctor office or at the hospital.

Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure ReadingBpMonitorAdvisor.com is a place where you will get all blood pressure monitoring equipment. The problem occurs with those that are old and young. One might not notice that they have this problem until they have had it for a very long time. in the evening and notice that the reading much lower. The facts that the reading changes constantly through the day. Therefore, if one notices reading during the day, take the reading again a few hours later to see if there are any apparent changes.


The chart uses two very important readings. They include the systolic and the diastolic reading. The the top reading. The diastolic the lower reading. The systolic also the reading showing the heart pumping blood. The diastolic also the heart at rest between beats. The American Heart Association states that a normal around 120/80. This reading for an adult man or woman. Of course, a child reading would differ significantly.

High Readings

Any reading that significantly more than normal should be addressed by a doctor. This reading that is considered sufficiently more should be addressed promptly. A typical chart might also state that 120 to 129 systolic and 80 to 80 diastolic are considered pre-hypertension. This stage just before a doctor might diagnose a patient abnormal pressure. Generally, a doctor will take the reading of patient upon entering the office. The doctor might take the reading of patient several times before the patient leaves the doctor’s office. Certainly, this might happen because of the fact that a single reading of the patient does not display enough information to be significant.

Those that would like to know more about this disease should contact their doctor.

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