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French native Eve Torres may be a popular big apple author, serial enterpriser and international yoga teacher residing in Hawaii. When graduating college in capital of Paris she traveled to Costa Rica and it had been here that she found the thrill of incorporating yoga into her way of life.

Deepening her yoga apply and conjointly taking her 1st steps towards teaching, she ended up moving to Central America wherever she spent years exploring the convoluted studies of yoga and spirituality. When moving to Hawaii early 2000 she started teaching yoga full time on this island. Her categories and dynamic yoga integration alignment, core work, and respiration techniques with basic poses and artistic sequencing. With over 2 hundred followers in social media, Eve Torres shares yoga story of her life with the globe each day and perpetually travels the world to attach along with her community.

In addition to teaching worldwide, Eve is that the founding mother of an internet platform for yoga, meditation, and healing. Because the most prosperous crowd-funded yoga project of all time, the platform is created from a colossal community of dedicated practitioners from everywhere the globe wanting to cultivate balance, produce house for inner healing and deepen their yoga apply. With a tremendous team of full-fledged guides and academics, offers heart-centered yoga designed to suit the invariably evolving desires of each body, mind and soul.

Eve Torres

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